Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TKB Haul Swatches & Review

So I finally gave in and bought some TKB Trading pigments (No I'm not being paid or asked to do this review).  The samples are only $1.50 each and you get a TABLESPOON!  That amount is amazing!  If you buy collections then they are even cheaper than $1.50 a piece.  You can buy an ounce for 3-5 bucks.  Shipping is very cheap too, I only paid 3 bucks.  The color payoff here is AMAZING.  I will definitely be collecting EVERY color.

I decided to put it to the test, so I put some of the pigment on my eyes and took a steaming hot bath.  On one eye as a base I put NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, the other eye I used an eyeshadow primer I made.  I went under water several times (keep in mind I like my baths as hot as you can get them) and wiped the water off my face A LOT.  When I got out I was surprised to see the pigment still there.  They weren't as vibrant but they were still extremely bright and visible.

 Before bath

 After bath

The colors I got were: Mymix Champagne, Titanium Dioxide (matte white), Carbon Black (matte), True Blue, Deep Blue, Blackstar Green, True Green, True Yellow, Mymix Coral, True Coral, Amethyst Mica, Patagonian Purple, Pink - Red/Blue Shade, True Red/Orange and Cosmetic Fluorescent Strong Pink.  The bottom 2 on the right side are not safe for eyes.  PLEASE make sure you read the descriptions carefully as not all are safe for eyes/lips!


This was without primer, I did use some cheap lotion though about 5 min before I swatched.  I've read about people complaining about the color payoff, that they are sheer and that they don't stick.  These work just as any other eyeshadow would without a primer or base, vibrant but not full color potential.  They stick just fine for me with or without a base/primer.  These pigments are buildable and for a simple finger swipe, as well as the bath test, they are obviously not sheer.  I also barely used any product when swatching.  I simply wiped my finger on the lid of the jar.


Like I said before, the amount you get is unbelievable.  Most companies give you only a teaspoon to sample.  These samples fill my 1oz jars about 75% and the 1oz packets of pigments fill 2 of them to the very brim.  They send their makeup in bags, not jars so you do have to buy your own.  I go to Michaels and buy a kit with multiple jars (they have all different kinds of sizes) and use their 40% off coupon that they have every week.  However TKB does sell jars too.

When you compare this to not only high end but to drugstore also, not only are you getting like 3-10 times more, you're paying a fraction of the price.  They also have silica powder (HD powder), lipstick supplies to make your own lipsticks, supplies to make your own soaps and bath salts, nail art/polishes/supplies and supplies for pressing and making your own shadows/pigments.  It's like Coastal Scents minus the palettes and eyeliners but WAY cheaper.

Sample tablespoon (it's lower on the side towards the camera)

1 ounce including jar under it

Overall I HIGHLY recommend this website  It's well worth every penny spent!

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