Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Avoid Buying Fake MAC on EBAY & Online

This is a small guide to help you all avoid buying Fake Mac.  First off, if it's from China, Korea, Egypt etc etc, 98% chance it's fake.  First off, be wary of the Gaga, Wonder Woman and Venomous Villains floating around.  There is a Venomous Villains waterproof mascara..THIS IS NOT MAC.  Mac only makes 1 waterproof mascara and it's not Venomous Villains!  The following are the REAL collections.  If you buy something NOT listed IT IS FAKE FAKE FAKE!!

Cruella de Vil Collection

Eyeshadows:  Sweet Joy De-vil, Carbon
Lipglass:  Devilishly Stylish, Wicked Ways
Blush:  Darkly My Dear 
Powder:  Her Own Devices
Lipstick:  Innocence, Beware!, Heartless

Evil Queen Collection


Eyeshadows:  Vainglorious, Her Alter Image, Vile Violet
Lipglass:  Hot House, Strange Potion
Lipstick:  Sinister, Toxic Tale 

Powder:  Oh So Fair
Blush:  Bit of an Apple

Maleficent Collection

Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos:  She Who Dares, My Dark Magic

Lipglass:  Revenge is Sweet, Wrong Spell

Lipstick:  Dark Deed, Violetta

Powder:  Briar Rose
Nail Polish:  Bad Fairy, Mean & Green, Formidable!

Dr. Facilier Collection

Pigments:  Brash & Bold, Melon, Push the Edge

Lipgelee:  Resort Life

Magically Cool Liquid Powder: Cajun, Truth & Light

Greasepaint:  French Quarter,  Slick Black

Lady GAGA Viva Glam

  MAC only made a liptick and a lip gloss so far.  Both have only ONE color.  They are both a nude color.

Wonder Woman Collection

Lipstick:  Marquise d'Sandy, Heroine, Spitfire, Russian Red
Lipglass:  Athena's Kiss, Emancipation, Wonder Woman, Secret Identity
Penultimate Liner:  Rapidblack
Mascara Opulash:   Army of Amazons, Black, Themyscira, Victorious
Nail Polish:  Obey Me, Spirit of Truth
Eyelash:   48 Lash
Eyeshadow Palettes:  Defiance, Lady Justice, Valiant
Pigment / Reflects Glitter:  Bright Fuchsia, Marine Ultra / Reflects Bronze, Reflects Pearl
Blush:  Amazon Princess, Mighty Aphrodite
Mineralize Skinfinish:  Golden Lariat, Pink Power

Hello Kitty Collection

Eyeshadow Palettes:  Too Dolly, Lucky Tom
Lipstick:  Big Bow, Cute Ster, Fashion Mews, Fresh Brew, Most Popular, Strayin'
Lipglass:  Fast Friends, Mimmy, Nice Kitty, Nice to be Nice, She Loves Candy, Sweet Strawberry
Lip Conditioner:   Pink Fish, Popster
Blush:  Fun & Games, Tippy
Beauty Powder:  Pretty Baby, Tahitian Sand
Nail Polish:  On the Prowl, Something About Pink, Vestral White
Glitter Liner:  Girl Groove, Glitterpuss, Her Glitz, Kitty Power
Reflects Glitter:  Reflect Blue, Reflects Very Pink
Pigment:  Deep Blue Green, Milk
Lash:  Hello Kitty Lash
Brush Set:  187, 239

 This is just a quick mini guide, there are sooo many fake products out there and they are always changing.

Look at the color names, weights and labels because those are almost always the give away.  There should be an actual NAME not a number.  The font is usually a dead giveaway too, either it's not the right color or thickness.  The color of the item is USUALLY a sticker on the box, fakes are usually printed on.  The ingredient list is almost always A LOT less.  Also, keep an eye out for typos.  Fake MAC usually has shiny or semi shiny black casing while real MAC is matte. 

Mac single eyeshadows do not  flip open and they do not come with a sponge applicator.  NOTHING MAC produces comes with a sponge tip applicator!   Also check to make sure the color is correct.  Many times they name is right, the package is right, but the color is a different shade.   Mac does not make CREAM, 18, 12, 120, 180 eyeshadows.  Fake pigments will have a cone shape plastic insert while real MAC has a flat insert.  For blushes, make sure the sticker on the back says what finish the blush is.

As for brushes, if the brush has black metal connecting the brush to the wood, it's fake.  The brushes say MAC and the the number and the lettering is engraved.    There are however, silver metal brushes going around and yes, those too are fake.  Make brushes do not come in a roll.  There have been a few brush set but those only have 4-8 brushes, not 24, 32 etc etc.

Many of the fake MAC listing don't even mention MAC.  Buying a lot of 60 MAC pigments for 100 bucks?  NO WAY.  They are FAKE!  Check the sellers feedback too.  And lastly, use your judgement!  If you think it's fake MAC it probably is.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Go to the MAC website and see if the product exists, even email them or call them if you need to.



  1. great guide thanks!

  2. nice, I like the VV collections

  3. thnx 4 this, was wonderin bout those palettes n stuff

  4. The Hello Kitty collection also had 2 dazzle glasses. I purchased it at Nordstroms. I wanted to ass that there is A LOT of fake dazzle glass "Like Venus". Also the smell will let you know, MAC has a nice smell, the fakes smell citrus/dishwashing liquidy. And another common fake are purple and other colors for Lady Gaga and last but not least Dress Maker in WOnder Woman lipstick is beyond fake. In NYC there are a lot of people selling fake MAC on the street. Giant bags of crap. I was approached and I purchased Big Baby from PushGlass but it is fake! MY gut told me so because you can see the pigment is not high quality , something is not right. Trust your gut or always play it safe and buy from MAC stores, Bloomies, Nordstroms etc. Who needs a fake with who knows what in it? The whole point of MAC is the quality and great colors so no need to gamble. Thanks for the awesome blog!

  5. yes thank you, sadly there is so much fake mac floating around and the packaging gets closer and closer to the real thing and they keep making more and more it's so hard to keep up with everything