Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ben Nye Creme Color, Creme Rouge, Creme Highlighter & Creme Foundation

I got these Ben Nye colors a while ago for a pretty good deal on Ebay.   I have 6 Creme Colors, 2 Creme Rouges, 2 Creme Foundations, and 1 Creme Highlighter.  The staying power is amazing.  I use these as bases for eyeshadows or for costume makeup.  After washing my arm several times with soap there's still a little color left on my arm.
It will crease if you wear it alone.  Primer does help.  It works beautifully when covered with eyeshadow.  I don't use the creme foundations as foundations.  I hate the feeling of any cream foundation.  I use the lighter one for costume type looks and the darker one for contours.

Creme Colors
CL-19 Blue
CL-3 Green
CL-5 Yellow
CL-9 Sunburn Stipple
CL-17 Misty Violet
CS-3 Character Shadow

Creme Rouge
CR-2 Dusty Rose
CR-5 Dark Tech

Creme Foundation
L-3 Rose Beige
M-3 Medium Tan

Creme Highlight
CH-1 Extra Light

 After the first wash.
 After scrubbing for several minutes.  The staying power is amazing!

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