Monday, August 8, 2011

Forever 21 Natural Palette Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe Swatches and Review

I first heard about this palette about a month ago.  I already have the Elf Neutral palette dupe but was not that impressed.  The lighter color were not that pigmented.  So I went on a search for this Forever 21 palette.  I've been hearing awesome reviews about their makeup and it's cheap so why not?  I was digging for like 15 min in their makeup bins trying to find this Natural palette.  I ended up finding 1.  Only 1.

One of the colors was a little dinged up and the eyeliner and brush were missing so I asked for a discount.  The lady ended up giving me a 10% off.  Better than nothing I guess.  I would never have used the eyeliner anyways and the applicator would have went straight into the garbage.  I am very pleased with this palette.  Great pigmentation, blendable, everything a good palette should be.  It is a teeny bit powdery but that doesn't bother me one bit.

The only difference is that the Forever 21 palette has 10 colors vs the 12 in the Urban Decay/Elf Neutral.  The Elf Neutral palette is $5.00, the Forever 21 Natural Palette is $6.90 and the Urban Decay Naked Palette is $48.00!

Here's the Urban Decay Naked Palette

Here's the Forever 21 Natural Palette

And finally, here's the Elf Neutral palette

Here's all 3 side by side (top to bottom: Elf, Urban Decay, Forever 21)  The lighting is a bit different in all pictures.  The colors are all pretty much the same.


  1. Nice post! Now Im thinking of getting the Elf Palette or the Forever 21's natural palette.

  2. I highly recommend the F21 palette because the lighter colors of the Elf palette are not that great. If you plan on not using the lighter colors very much (like me) than it would be fine

  3. Awww man so not fair!!! You can't buy either of those in Ireland!!

  4. lol, EBAY!! lol, do they have NYX in Ireland? I know they have a dupe too. I think that one is like 20 though