Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fake MAC

So many many months ago I found this seller selling "MAC".   At the time I wasn't sure if they were real or not because I had never used MAC before.    After receiving them I found out they were fakes.  The pigments didn't have the right labels on the bottom and the inside plastic piece was a cone instead of flat.  They were also only about 75% full.  As for the palettes.
...well.they just don't exist. I didn't research until after I got these.  They are safe to use, it's normal makeup but in China you can get whatever you want printed on it. That's how they sell those 120 Manly palettes as MAC.  Also those 180 palettes are not MAC either!!!!!   I would not recommend supporting these scammers!  The colors aren't as great as real MAC and the lasting power probably isn't as great either.  If you want REAL Mac then stay off Ebay.

The yellow glitter is yellow/green/gold and the pink on the end is pink/gold.  As you can see they do not come full.

The 2 palettes on the ends are both metallic.  The one in the middle is shimmer.  Fake CREAM palettes.


My camera tends to blow colors up!

Not as bright and beautiful as real MAC.

left side are the metallics and shimmers are on the right.

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  1. i have been wondering about the fake mac and have been really tempted to try it out. i see it all over ebay for really cheap. i may try a few eyeshadows