Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  I'm being extremely lazy today, watching movies, playing computer games and drinking beer!  ELF haul and review still to come.  I ordered the 100 color palette and the complexion perfection powders and they came shattered!  So I wrote ELF and am still waiting to hear back.  So Far from the swatches I did of the palette I'm not really impressed.  A couple of the colors have 0 color.  Nothing comes off on my finger or brush.  I even scratched into it and then took the powder and tried to swatch it and nothing :P.  Maybe I just have a bad palette?  The other items I have gotten so far seem to be pretty good.  I'll go more into depth after this broken makeup problem is resolved!  Also coming up, makeup tips/tricks, and some more swatches.  I haven't had much inspiration for a makeup tutorial yet, Easter just seemed to obvious.  Anyways, stay tuned ♥!

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