Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Intro ♥

This is my first blog ever.  I honestly hate typing but am too shy for youtube lol.  This blog is going to be full of makeup tutorials and reviews, fashion and i will probably throw some video games in too.  I've been watching youtube tutorials for a while now but I can't fully relate because I'm asian and have different eyes than all the top gurus so nothing ever looks the same.  I've learned quite a bit.  My old makeup routine was foundation, eyeliner and mascara....sometimes eyeshadow.  My eyes have now been opened to the wonders makeup can do!

The point of my blog is to not only give makeup tips for people with my eye shape, but also help out the people who are just starting to get into it as well as people on a budget.  Most the gurus out there use nothing but high end cosmetics which not everyone can afford.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's just I personally would rather spend my money elsewhere.   In my opinion, if it works just as well or close to high end, then why spend the money.  AGAIN, I'm not knocking anyone who uses nothing but high end stuff, I use it too♥ I've just never had a problem with drugstore brands!   So most of my looks will be done using drugstore brands including NYX & Palladio. 

OK, so in case you were wondering about my eye shape.  I had a monolid until I was about 22 or so.  Then all of a sudden I had a double eyelid (weird I know).  It's not a typical double eyelid either.  A monolid kind of folds under near the lashes (kind of hiding the lashline) instead of at the crease while a double typically just folds at the crease.  Mine does both except it doesn't fold exactly at the crease.  I honestly don't know if that typical for an asian double lid or what but it really makes putting on makeup more difficult.

 My eyes pre 22  (yes I know I'm smiling/squinty and the photo sucks but there it definitely no lid!)

My eyes now

ok enough rambling from me.  Coming up this week will be my ELF haul/swatches/review possibly some looks.  I finally went and checked out their website and bought like 85 bucks worth of stuff o.O

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