Wednesday, November 2, 2016

UsEasy O-Shape Neck & Cervical Pillows Stabilization System Review

This is by the far the most bizarre product I've ever tested.  I tried this on and it's surprisingly comfortable haha.  I thought this was going to be not only uncomfortable but hard to use.   The padded "arms" are completely bendable and can be bent however you want (think of a thick, more sturdy, better made pipe cleaner).

I tried this the normal "car sleeping" way and with my face down and not only was it easy to move into each shape but again, it was surprisingly comfortable and pretty natural feeling.  If you like to nap in the car during trips but have problems with your head falling all over the place this might be the product for you.

It comes in a handy little carrying case and it VERY easy to get it into.  Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised at how well this product works.



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