Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Large Window Bird Feeder by Chillax Review

This is the coolest bird feeder ever.  My 7 year old loves to watch the birds eat.  I think coupling this with a Window bird house would be awesome for kids.  I was honestly worried about how well the suction cups would hold up but surprisingly they've held up very well.  No slipping or falling.  You can always buy replacement suction cups as well which is great.

We keep a bird book by the window this is hanging on so when the birds are feeding, my daughter can look to find what kind of bird it is.

My mom has a million bird feeders in her backyard and I am actually going to get her one of these for Christmas.  I know she'll love it!

My only advice is, keep it clean, otherwise it can be very gross to look at.  I don't mean clean it every day but every couple weeks at least.  Scum and other nasty things can build up in this.



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