Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kesha MTV Music Awards 2010 Neon Look

Wolfe Brothers Face Art and X Neon Hydrocolor Palette Swatch and Review, ben nye eye definer, nyc brow kit, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer, Mehron Paradise Pastel, Kesha MTV Music Awards 2010 Neon Look OK I did a "test run of my look tonight and ended up really liking it.
I didn't think I could do it this nicely again because it took SOOO long.  I had actually bought yellow eyelashes for this look on ebay because I had Ebucks to use but I couldn't wait. Instead I used my new Wolfe Neon palette to paint regular black lashes.   This was done for a contest on

I messed up the stripes NOOOOO  I did this without reference lol  I was tired of runing back and forth from my computer to the mirror


HAHA duck lips... yes it was done on purpose and no I don't take pictures normally with duck lips

Wolfe neon palette
Ben Nye Eye Definer
NYC Brow Kit
Mehron Pastel palette
Mac and unknown brand glitter