Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ulta Reward Points Breakdown

I know there are 2 programs you can join depending on where you live.  The one where I live (I'm guessing this goes for the rest of Cali if not the west side of the USA goes as follows:

500 points equals $4 off
1000 points equals $9 off
2000 points equals $20 off
3000 points equals $32 off
4000 points equals $45 off
7500 points equals $100 off

You can also redeem points for various salon services ranging from haircuts and highlights to facials and eye treatments. 

To redeem your reward points you would do so during check out.  The cashier should be asking you if you want redeem any points.  You can start redeeming points once you accumulate 500 rewards.

So today I went into Ulta and bought another Ulta palette for the box and the makeup.  It was originally 19.99.  It was on clearance for 14.99.  I then used my $4 off ulta rewards and a 20% off coupon which brought my total to 8 bucks.   Yay!

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