Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ANNKE Wireless Push Button Portable Doorbell Review

The doorbell on our house is really odd.  I can't hear it in the basement or upstairs.  I can only hear it on the main level.  It's not an old crappy doorbell either.  Our house is only 2 years old.  I'm in the basement a lot and sell a lot locally so not being able to hear the doorbell is not good.  There have been time where I forget to unlock the front door and our oldest daughter gets home from school and can't get in.  Luckily I've only been in the basement once when that has happened and her bus driver called me.  

I added this doorbell and plugged in the "receiver" part in the basement.  So far no one has been confused  with which one to ring lol.  They usually ring both.  I could put a note out there but that's even tackier than having 2 doorbells haha.  I can hear the new doorbell crystal clear in the basement.  My favorite part is no batteries!!!


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