Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2.7" Full HD Car DVR Vehicle Camera Video Recorder, TEQStone 1.3MP (1440x1080) Car DVR DashCam with HDMI Output Review

These dash cams are so cool.  Not only can you catch some amazing footage with these but you can also keep yourself safe.

You can use these to make your own videos in the car by turn the camera around.  You can use these if you get pulled dover and have a rude cop give you crap.  You can use these if someone does a hit and run.  The possibilities are endless.

About 2 years ago I was having a bad allergic reaction to idol (like minor anaphylactic shock) and my husband who at the time had an interlock from a DUI 2 years prior  (he was at the end of his time and luckily for us, we found out later that he should have already had it out) drove us to the store for antihistamines.  Well, we were living in his moms basement apartment then (we had JUST moved from another state and were looking for our own place) and they had other children staying the night that night so his vehicle was boxed in and everyone was asleep.  This was like midnight.  So we decided to take my car.

Just as we were about 50ft from he gas station we get pulled over for a headlight being out.  I thought my husband was going to jail that night for driving without and interlock.  5 squad cars pull up and a canine unit and they proceed to search the car without a warrant.  The dog scratch up the paint because he kept jumping on the car.  One cop was writing down everything that was in the car.

They then towed my car away to impound and we were left stranded at the gas station with no way of getting a hold of anyone (we didn't take our phones because it was a quick trip).

In the end the charged were dropped because the interlock was supposed to be out but I sure with I had this dash cam that night.  I would have fought this full force had I had proof of them searching without a warrant.

So what I'm trying to say is, invest in a dash cam.  It could really save you a lot of trouble one day.



FTC Disclaimer:
I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am in no was compensated for my review. This review is based solely on my personal experience while testing the product.

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