Friday, October 21, 2016

Ammul Mini Spoon and Fork Trainer Set Review

I got this cute little toddler utensil set to review and I have to say I really like this set.  My son is way too young to use these still but I use them to feed him.  The design of the handles is really comfortable.  These feel very natural to hold.  The grip parts are silicone so they don't slip.  While I really enjoy these, my husband hates them.  He refuses to use this set lol.  He much prefers normal baby spoons.  He doesn't like how short they are or the grip.  These will definitely vary from person to person.  I can see how this will make gripping the utensils easier for toddlers.  This would make a great baby shower gift.
Yes, I know they will not be able to use them for a while but that's ok!  I have received 12+ items at both my baby showers and guess what.... I've always ended up using everything.

These can be found here:

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