Thursday, August 25, 2011

Urban Decay AMAZING Sale Haul, Swatches and Review

Ugh it feels like it's been so long since I've last posted! I've been so busy!

Ok so as I had blogged about before Urban Decay had a craaazy sale where many things were under $1.   I was good and only bought 5 things.  Urban Decay's shipping is crazy overpriced too.  I got 5 loose eyeshadows, Goddess, Graffiti, Shattered, Asphyxia, and Rockstar.
I LOVE the colors, hate the packaging.  the brush is horrible, it gets eyeshadow everywhere and it's so tiny and stiff I don't know how to even use it (lol).  I'm probably going to have to depot these because I hate the container so much.  They all went on perfectly except for rockstar.  I had to swatch like 5 times if not more for it to show up well.  Goddess is crazy beautiful.  It's a dark purple with purple micro glitter. anyways onto swatching.


  1. Oohh these are so pretty! I'm sorry I decided not to buy the pigments. I opted for all the cream shadows instead!

  2. OMG I got a few things from the sale too! i need to post them ... I can't believe their pigments were $1 !!! amazing deal!

  3. I know!! haha I was tempted to buy some more stuff but the shipping is waaay lame

  4. Nice!! I've lots of UD eye shadows but I've never bought the pigments, will be investigating them now on the back of your review. Great review and thanks. x

  5. Great blog! :) I definitely followed! Please check out my blog and follow back? Keep in touch! xoxo

  6. Ah these colors are so pretty!
    I love your blog!
    I'm trying to start a beauty blog too(: