Sunday, August 14, 2011

DKNY Releases A STUNNING 1 Million Dollar Perfume

And here I thought Burberry was expensive!   The bottle is carved from 14 karat gold and has 2909 stones on it.  Included in that number is a 7.18 carat sapphire, a 4.03 carat diamond and a 3.07 carat ruby.  If you're not willing to dish out the 1 million (who can't afford a 1 million perfume, I mean come on!) then you can pick up JUST the perfume for $42.



  1. Wow!!! That's amazing and a bit disgusting too, I mean there's so much poverty in this world I find the thought of anyone who had enough money to buy it actually spending that much on a fancy bottle of perfume horrendous! It's gorgeous perfume but hello.....