Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sea Green Eyes

Ok I'm finally back.  It was the move from HELL!!  As soon as we got the truck back to our apt I dropped the 15 lb furniture dolly on my ankle and was limping all day.  It's still bruised 26 days later.  Then it took 12 hours to load up our apt because the walk from our old apt to the moving truck was about 250 ft (it was my idea to save money and move our stuff ourselves, BIG mistake never doing it again).  Then our car battery died when my bf made a quick run to the new place and we had to have it towed and have the battery replaced so that was like 3 hours wasted.  That delay then made us miss our fridge delivery and they couldn't redeliver for almost a week.  We had to throw out an entire fridge of food.  Then when we finally finished unloading at 1am (we started at 8am that day) I was sooo exhausted.  Then the next day they turned off the power at the new place because there was a mixup so I was stuck in a hot apt for like 4 hours until someone got out there to turn it back on.  Then I got the flu over the 4th weekend and was in bed with a 103 temp.  Then we missed the call from the internet/cable guy so we had to reschedule for the next day.  Then the next day he didn't show up and they had to re-reschedule for a week later.  Then he came back and the room to the electrical room was locked so we couldn't be hooked up.  So then a week we finally have internet... OMG right?   I'm probably missing like 10 other things that happened but yes I'm officially back now.  Ok on to my fotd!

Kleancolor palette turquoise color and WnW spoiled brat black
Almay I-liner
Lashes - Maybelline Lash Stiletto Blackest Black

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer
Brows: NYC Brow kit

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