Friday, June 17, 2011

Update on Life and IMATS

Things have been going really good lately FINALLY.  Tonight we signed the contract for our new apartment that we are moving into on the 30.  It is the most perfect one too.  Then we went out to best buy and bought our perfect fridge.

I also got a free Luminess airbrush system along with 2 boxes of ultra foundation and a set of brush covers.  I LOVE this system.  It's the Luminess Beauty system and it works perfectly.  I HIGHLY recommend this brand if you're thinking about an airbrush system.  They have many systems to schoose from from 169-369. 

I will also be headed to IMATS LA this Saturday as press with my forum that I am staff at.  We were also invited to go to the pro only event.  I will be taking lots of pictures and buying lots of goodies to share!

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