Monday, June 20, 2011

Profusion, Color Me Glow, Colormates 12 Color Palette $1 Swatch and Review

I remember seeing someone post something about these on my forum and then people were wondering about pigmentation.  I did a google search for these and came up with nothing.  I was at Big Lots today and picked up 2 that were Colormates.  Then I headed over to Walgreens and saw the same palette (different colors) and it was called Profusion.
The ones from Big Lots have no writing on them at all and I threw away the packageing while I was out.  I know one was called Island Oasis and can't remember the other one.  These were both $1.50.  I'll be heading back to Big Lots either this week or next so I'll get the name for the other one.  I'm guessing the one from Walgreen's is called Color Me Glow, that's either the name or the name of the palette.  This one was $1.  Anyways onto the swatches.  These are surprisingly amazing.  Great pigmentation.


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