Monday, June 6, 2011

BKoi Product Swatch and Review

I won second place in Bkoi's makeup giveaway and my package arrived today.  Yay!  It was BEAUTIFULLY packaged!  I almost didn't want to open it.   Included were 2 micas, 1 spark, 1 liplure, 1 sure thing eye serum and a lollipop!

I love everything.  It had great pigmentation!  The eye serum is an eyeshadow adhesion liquid and it works excellent.  The sparks is like a micro fine glitter and the liplure is amazingly pigmented.  When I first swatched it I didn't know to put it on using a brush.  WOW.  What a difference that made.  When swatched with my finger it was sheer like a lipgloss.  Then I read the paper that came with it (I'm bad at that, I never read instructions) grabbed a brush and tried again.  It was pure color!

I don't suggest using sparks alone.  It will be blotchy and sheer.  Putting it over an eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow or pencil makes it look amazing.

I HIGHLY recommend  trying all of this stuff out you won't be disappointed!  Don't forget to subscribe!  I will be doing lots of looks with these colors!  I'm super excited to use Top Hat in a bunch of looks!

 Bubble Tea          Too Hot To Handle                 Top Hat Sparks                 Fuchsia Love Liplure

         This picture has liplure swatched twice, the first is with a brush the second is with my finger

 This picture is the sparks on top of NYX Black Bean


  1. Congratulations again! I'm so glad you like everything! Sparks are B.Koi's micro-cosmetic glitters and meant to be mixed in or patted on anything! You can view all the colors we offer here:

    I can't believe how fast you reviewed all this haha! And yes, liplure is definitely so different without a burst, it's like night and day! Love your review, you crack me up ;)

  2. Brush not burst hahaha random DROID autocorrect ;) Use a brush not a "burst" with Liplure!

  3. Holy crapness, that black shade is to die for. Was the lollipop yummy? :)

  4. Thanks again Bkoi! I LOVE everything! @girly that black sparks shade is like a thousand times prettier in person. The cam does not capture how amazing it is! I haven't eaten the lollipop I might just save it forever haha! I have a marshmallow abominable snowman (from Rudolph) pop thing that I've save too XD