Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Say Goodbye to Under Eye Circles and Fine Lines

I'm making this post because I wanted to share my fix for for lines and under eye circles with everyone.  I'm sure there are tons of tricks to get rid of these but this is one I found accidently., This may not even work for everyone.
You do not have to buy expensive Makeup Forever HD powder or even Cheap Elf.  You can buy Silica Microspheres (same exact thing in all HD powders) from TKB trading or Coastal Scents for a fraction of the cost and much more product.
Step 1 - Dust a layer of HD powder under your eye up to your lashline, primer is opttional.
Step 2 - Conceal under eyes with a highly pigmented concealer, I use Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.
Step 3 - Dust another layer of HD powder on top of that.  If you use liquid foundation use the HD powder after you've applied your foundation.
Step 4 - Apply mineral foundation if you do not use liquid. 
  No concealer and circles.  My left eye is really bad.  The flash has brightened them up, they're even darker than this.
 2 minutes after applying concealer with no HD it settles into my fine lines.  ICK.   Even after applying my mineral makeup it does this.  This is the only trick that works for me.
I had to squint and distort my face to make the under eye pop out so you could see the lines so these pics may look weird and overly wrinkly lol.                                                                


 This is the end result, it stays like this all day.


With Liquid


The circles are gone, there's still some slight shadows from bags....but that's a whole other story :P


  1. i need to try this! My circles are so dark and gross lol.

  2. lol yeah it's amazing how well it works