Friday, May 13, 2011

HUGE TKB Haul & Swatches

Here's 37 more shades I just got , a lot are duochrome so I have pics with and without flash.  The mattes are a bit hard to stick, they definitely need primer.  A lot of the mattes are like food coloring so beware when using them.  So far I've dyed my contacts blue and red.  It does come out though with an overnight soak.  The rest are GORGEOUS and work perfectly!  They are even more beautiful than the pics on the website. 

Murasaki Violet Matte Tone, Chromium Oxide Green, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Dark Brown Oxide, Red 40 Alum Lake
SmokeXXX (duo gray/purple, mostly purple), Storm, Soft Black, Soft Brown, Pearl White, Silken Gold

Indian Blue (duo teal/green/gold), Limerick, Pearl Green, Lucky Green (duo green/gold), Soft Green, Pisces Blue (duo blue/gold), Dublin Green (duo green/pink or purple), Twilight Green

Pearl Yellow, Soft Yellow, Soft Bronze, Soft Red, Soft Mauve, Brilliant Glitter Red, Cloisonne Red, Be My Valentine (duo pink/gold), Pearl Pink (duo pink/blue)

Soft Violet, Pearl Violet, Grape Parfait, Soft Blue Violet, Pearl Blue, Soft Blue, Midnight Blue, Blackstar Blue



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