Monday, May 23, 2011

Huge Haul For 25 Bucks

I went bargain shopping today and found a ton of great deals on makeup.  The Elf Neutral Book was bought about a week ago.

1x Rimmel Bronzer/highlighter - Spring Flower                    - 1.00
2x Rimmel Single Shadows - Spicy Jewel, Night Bronze     - 2.00
3x Wet N Wild Polish - Blazed, Dreamy Poppy, Blue Moon - 2.07
2x NYC Polish - Love Me Red Cream, Love Letters            - 0.50
9x NYC Quick Dry Polish - Midtown, Greenwich Village,
     Penn Station, Uptown, Flat Iron Green,
     2x Canal Street, 2x West Village                                      - 4.50
1x Elf Beauty Book - Smokey eye                                         - 4.50
3x Jordana  3 pc Set -  White Wedding Single Eyeshadow,  - 3.00
     Sizzling Summer Eye Shadow Pencil, Just Pearly
     Waterproof Eyeliner
2x Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain - Beloved, Forbidden             - 8.00
                                                                           Total           25.56
                                                        for 29 items (counting Jordana items separate)


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