Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Elf Haul & Review

Ok, here is my loooong ELF haul/review.

I had heard about ELF in the past but never thought much of it because I had never seen it in stores before.  Then after getting into makeup I started hearing about it a lot.  It's so cheap I figure I'd give it a try.  This was 3-4 orders worth of stuff (I always used coupons, 50% off, or a free item).

Beauty Encyclopedia

Sparkle Eye Edition

Basic Eye Edition

Beauty Book

Bright Eye Book

I honestly loved all of these colors, the payoff was amazing and the shimmer and sparkle are gorgeous.  The cream eyeshadows didn't have all that much pigmentation, so I would honestly only use those as bases.  The pencil is just your average pencil, not great staying power but it's not too bad.

Quads, Blush, Bronzers, Liners

I love ELF quads.  The color is great!  I DO hate the shape.  I can barely get my brushes in the pan.  The blush was smaller than I thought it would be, but then again, it was only a dollar.  The color is beautiful too.  The Healthy Glow Bronzing powers are also very nice.  I don't like how there's glitter in the matte brown (it's called MATTE FFS).  Gladly not much transfers to your face/stays.  I only notice a few here and there.  I love the Luminance for highlighting.  I know a lot of ppl think these are too powdery but it doesn't bother me.  The eyeliner is ok.  It has ok staying power on the waterline.  The cap is a giant POS.  Mine won't stay on because it came broken (thanks ELF).  I doubt it would stay on even if it was no though.  

100 Eye Shadow Palette

arrow should be 1 row up oops

 so should this one

DOH, this 1 too, see the colors are all so similar or light and crap I can't even tell what line is what

DON'T buy this, just don't don't don't.  SOME of the colors are pretty yes, but most of them suck.  There areat least 5 that i have to dig in with my nail/stiff brush to get any product on the brush at all, then when I tried to swatch it there was 0-10% color.  Many of these also took 2-3 swipes, and there are a lot that are 50% sheer.  This palette SUCKS.  It also came with 1 completely broken eyeshadow and a few chipped.  The corner as you can see is completely broken off and cracked.  Thanks ELF for this wonderful piece of crap.  (When you don't see 10 colors in the row that means the one I swatched was a crap no pigment one)

27 Piece Mini Makeup Collection & Gel Liner

I got this free with a purchase (I simply got a gel liner) and it's not that bad.  The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented as are the blush, bronzer and eyebrow powder.  The cream eyeshadow again is crap and I would only use this as a base.  The lipsticks are pretty, there's not much product but I most likely won't be using those anyways.  The weird clear gel crap is just stupid.  I swiped my brush and it picked up a chunk and I hit pan plus it's ugly (green glitter).  The lipstick was on my skin for about 2 minutes at the very most, and it stained my arm.  To summarize, love the left side, hate the right.  Oh and this also came with a mini pencil (just like the books) and brushes (which I threw out).

Loving this gel liner.  It's super creamy and has amazing staying powder.  I would definitely say this is almost comparable to MAC Fluidline.

Alright that's it for my haul.  Overall I'd say there are a lot of hit and misses with ELF.  Their stuff is so cheap and there are always coupons floating around so, it's worth a try. :)

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